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Topic: Rhinsler Demon Hunter - (Accepted)

Character Name: Rhinsler
Class: Demon Hunter
Armory Link: … ler/simple
Country: Sweden
Age: 35

   1) Tell us about yourself.My nane is Mattias and i live in the smal citty of Nyköping with my whife Lena and our 2 children David & Rasmus ages 9 & 5 my whife works in eldercare and i work ass a windowcleener.
    On my spare time i also Drift RC cars with my firends ( … 2/?fref=ts ) and i play a fair amount of computer games World of Warcraft mostly.
    and some consol games with the kids .
   2) Tell us about your previous guild(s). i started in Epic Reality (Back in vanila) then unfortunat events in TBC brroke the guild apart and i ended upp in Eclipse but this felt wrong so after a short while i left for
     my cousins guild on a new server but got drafted to one off the top guilds Last Resort but after about 8 months off hardcore playing and farming and what not had to stepp it down do to David my oldest so i Joind some
     old gaming firends in Profetika Nocturna and stayd untill they migrated /broke upp and after cataclysm i only plade for short whiles during the expantions in i IRL firends guild and now i want to get back to rading and
     ande some unforgetabel moments in this magnificent world off Pixels. and i whuld realy love for it to be with this guilde off wunderfull and lovely pepole.
   3) How long have you been playing WoW?Beta on Us servers to the lance off Cataclysm  with shorter brakes ower summer  and from panaria to Legion with some serius gapps
   4) How long have you been playing the character you applied with? Rhinsler whas born from the deps off hell and fluffy bunnys on Agusti 29-2016
   5) How long do you intend to keep on playing (this character)? Do you want to keep playing this:) I like this new clas and i intend to keep playing it
       spec? If not, what do you want to play? Are you proficient in a second spec? i  apply as Dps with a tank offspec
   6) Tell us about your typical "spell rotation".umm it´s pretty basik get energy use the abilitys maximise DPS
   7) Provide a relevant raid combatlog of your character in World of Logs or WarcraftLogs.
   8) What are your goals in WoW? To experience the content and try my skill in the harder parts of the game
   9) Where do you find your fun in the game, do you have a "hobby" ingame? Geting a few firends together to do some off the old content for revards and i like Rading and dungeons mecanick that make you hawe to stay on your game
  10) What are your raiding experiences, also from previous expansions? i Raided Molten to Naxramas in vanilla All from TBC expantion and WotlK missed some in cattaclysm but moste in pandaria
  11) Do you have any notable alts? Bensintank lvl 100 Paladin it will prolly get to lvl 110
  12) What do you expect of your new guild? some awsome Pixel Fury and company to experience all new and wonderful content with
  13) What do you think your attendance will be if we offer you a raiding spot in Phalanx? Do you
        have any personal obligations which would interfere with our raid times?  the rading times are no problem for me and shuld hawe no problem attending raids
  14) What do you know about Phalanx, and why do you want to join exactly our guild?  i want to be a raider insted off a social member
  15) What kind of computer and connection do you have? internet is a 100 mb/s and i run a 2 years old someting intel i5 and 16 ggb DDR5 memory and a Radeon Sapphire 7950
  16) Is there someone in our guild who could support your application? yes smile but if they want to edmitt they know me is upp to them  smile <3
  17) Tell us a joke!:) smile  Superman & wonder woman By Mattias fred

     So Superman is flying around Metropolis on patrol for criminal but it is a slow day and he is geting restless and boored so he start thinking about Lois Lane
     and decides to se what she is upp to so he flyes hifher and uses his super wision only to fine oute she is bussy with work uppset and frustrated he leves .
     but then right befor he goes he ses wounder woman on a roof topp sunbadin completly naked  and he thinks to him self ooh some off thet whuld be nice but maby not
     he locks again figur but what if i use my super speed i whuld be down ther and gone befor she realised what hapend. superman fyes down and gets some off wonder woman and away again
     thinking this was grate att the same time Wonder woman opens her eyes and asks WTF was what . I don know sais the inviseble man but my ass hurts like hell.


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i know you for more then 11 years now, and i know you can play realy good i can vouche for that

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Re: Rhinsler Demon Hunter - (Accepted)

Just pretend that this application has proper spacing, grammar and spelling tongue Been on skype with this guy a couple of times now and he seems like a nice guy. Also did a few HCs with him Remo and Skrittuu and he also seems like he's a pretty decent player.

Nice + decent = invite? wink


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Hej Mattias,

Thanks for your application! I'll try and get you an answer soon!


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Here, have a trial!