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Topic: Ramzi Fury/Prot Warrior - (Accepted)

Phalanx Application Form

Character Name: <Ramzi>
Class: <Warrior>
Armory Link: … mzi/simple
Age: <29>

   1) Tell us about yourself.
Hello all, my real name is Marc. I live in the Netherlands and like to game! I play Clash of clans on app and pretty much all Blizzard games on pc. Also a big fan of Moba games like Dota and HotS. In real life I do have a job which means I work during the day at a banking company.
I love blue, hardstyle/hardcore, dubstep, swimming, girls (sorry guys smile), hang out with friends and go crazy from time to time.

   2) Tell us about your previous guild(s). Why are you looking for a new home?
I can't remember a lot of names but the most recent was Fatality on Kor'gall. Been playing for that guild a lot on a hardcore level (3x a week with extended sessions). I'm looking for a new home because there is no other home! And I don't want to raid that intensively anymore. Monday/tuesday eve's are perfect.

   3) How long have you been playing WoW?
8 yrs (on and off)

   4) How long have you been playing the character you applied with?
1 week

   5) How long do you intend to keep on playing (this character)? Do you want to keep playing this
       spec? If not, what do you want to play? Are you proficient in a second spec?
For a very long while. I just started and didn't spend that money to quit after a month so I'm here to stay for as long as I can.

   6) Tell us about your typical "spell rotation".
Siegebreaker (on cd)> Bloodthirst (on cd) > autohit till Execute/Wildstrike/Raging Blow procs > near full rage fill up with Wild strike / Impending Victory for your typical single target build.

   7) Provide a relevant raid combatlog of your character in World of Logs or WarcraftLogs.
I have no active logs :< Raided till 2013 before I started break, shortly after MoP.

   8) What are your goals in WoW?
Become better than Montie smile Have fun, troll occasionally but not overextending!

   9) Where do you find your fun in the game, do you have a "hobby" ingame?
My garrisson because after a week it still keeps being interesting. Other hobby ingame is ofcourse raiding.

  10) What are your raiding experiences, also from previous expansions?
Started with AQ40/20, full TBC full Cataclysm (missed WotlK), start of MoP first raid.

  11) Do you have any notable alts?
Yes but unfortunately they are all Horde. I'm a turncoat.

  12) What do you expect of your new guild?
Casual fun and a great raiding experience. Some progress along the way wouldn't hurt.

  13) What do you think your attendance will be if we offer you a raiding spot in Phalanx? Do you
        have any personal obligations which would interfere with our raid times?
No, I have regular working times for monday and tuesday. Attendance would be 99%.

  14) What do you know about Phalanx, and why do you want to join exactly our guild? 
I know quite a bit. Sinners Syndicate because I know Rob irl *wink wink*, I know Phalanx from Diablo and played with some of you guys and girls before. I also sneakily joined Mumble last week to get a glimpse of raiding progression.

  15) What kind of computer and connection do you have?
I have a stable connection (cable), I never have any long d/c problems or anything. If I d/c it's Montie's or Blizzards fault.

  16) Is there someone in our guild who could support your application?
Montie, Rob and Moon!

  17) Tell us a joke!
Q: Why do pandas like old movies? A: Because they’re in black and white.

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Re: Ramzi Fury/Prot Warrior - (Accepted)

I sense some hostility! Regardless I have already been bribed to vouche for him so yeah.

Might as well give this guy a spot I doubt he will disappoint wink


Re: Ramzi Fury/Prot Warrior - (Accepted)

I'll vouch for this dude!  Would like to see an armory link to the horde char you raided with before though!

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Re: Ramzi Fury/Prot Warrior - (Accepted) … mbz/simple


Re: Ramzi Fury/Prot Warrior - (Accepted)

Accepted smile