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Topic: Application - Brazen

Character Name: Brazen
Class: Rogue
Armory Link: … zen/simple
Country: Sweden
Age: 29

1) Tell us about yourself.
Hello my name is marcus, im a layed back, social, caring spontaneous guy.

2) Tell us about your previous guild(s). Why are you looking for a new home?
Vanilla: Amissa Legio / Shadowmoon Bc & Wotlk:Devine Beings / Auchindoun Legion: The purge / Twisting nether
3) How long have you been playing WoW?
Played whole vanilla, half Bc, whole Wotlk, end of (WoD pvp) and now legion
4) How long have you been playing the character you applied with?
From the end of Wod til now.
5) How long do you intend to keep on playing (this character)? Do you want to keep playing this
       spec? If not, what do you want to play? Are you proficient in a second spec?
Yes i intend to keep playing this character as long as i can and i have a 2nd specc as outlaw if i need to change at some point if blizzard forces me.
6) Tell us about your typical "spell rotation".
Stealth-garrote-mutilate-rupture-Vendetta- Full combo-vanish-rupture-mutilate minimum 3-6 combo-envenom-kingsbane keep dumping envenom and keep dots up.
7) Provide a relevant raid combatlog of your character in World of Logs or WarcraftLogs. … ;source=13

8) What are your goals in WoW?
Progress, have fun and meet new ppl.
9) Where do you find your fun in the game, do you have a "hobby" ingame?
Transmog runs, improve as a player and team mate and again progression.

10) What are your raiding experiences, also from previous expansions?
What i said on question 3 and so far in legion i done En 2/7 Mythic ToV 1/3 Hc

11) Do you have any notable alts?
100 Warrior and a 100 Preist on another server

12) What do you expect of your new guild?
To progress and have fun smile

13) What do you think your attendance will be if we offer you a raiding spot in Phalanx? Do you
        have any personal obligations which would interfere with our raid times?
My attendance was 3 days a week and missed 1 raid evenin  in Legion what i can remeber.
No not what is can think of right now.

14) What do you know about Phalanx, and why do you want to join exactly our guild?
Well in vanilla my irl friend played in a guild called Sinners Syndicate wich was in competition with niflheim to be shadowmoons best alliance guild, sinners dissbanded cous ppl were slacking in the end from the intel i got years back. From the ashes some sinners rise up once more and become Phalanx. I never got the opportunity to join back in vanilla cous i did never catch up with the lvl. For me now it would be an honor to join among the ranks and to have the chance to raid and progress with them i once admire and looked up to

15) What kind of computer and connection do you have?
Computer: Intel i7-4770K 3.50Ghz GeForce GTX 980 Kingston 16gb
Connection: Fiber 100/100

16) Is there someone in our guild who could support your application?
I dont know Jeyne / Danath perhaps :p

17) Tell us a joke!
Joe asked God, "How much is a penny worth in heaven?"
God replied, "$1 million."
Joe asked, "How long is a minute in heaven?"
God said, "One million years."
Joe asked for a penny.
God said, "Sure, in a minute."


Re: Application - Brazen

Hey Marcus,

Thanks for your application! Sorry for making you wait so long. I'm trying to find time to discuss it with our officer team. I'll try to get back to you as soon as that happens.

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Re: Application - Brazen

Np i appreciate that u take your applications serrious i been in to many Chatt recruit guilds and i think thats one factors of getting undedicated ppl. Take your time