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Topic: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

Character Name: Koce
Class: Paladin
Armory Link: … oce/simple
Country: Netherlands
Age: 32

   1) Tell us about yourself.
Ingame I go under the name Koce a holy paladin, but outside the game I’m a 32 year old guy from the Netherlands working in the finance business.

   2) Tell us about your previous guild(s). Why are you looking for a new home?
My current guild is not raiding at all. Im looking for a raiding guild but also a guild that interacts with each other outside raiding. Offering a helping hand here and there and also having a laugh.

   3) How long have you been playing WoW?
I started playing late 2006 and never stopped playing since.

   4) How long have you been playing the character you applied with?
I’m playing my holy paladin since firelands and never left it. Before that I played a resto shaman.

  5) How long do you intend to keep on playing (this character)? Do you want to keep playing this
       spec? If not, what do you want to play? Are you proficient in a second spec?
You know what they say, once a healer always a healer. Just love the playstyle and the stress sometimes. I have no intension on changing class or spec. I know how to play ret but I was never good at is.

   6) Tell us about your typical "spell rotation".
Just using cheap heals when someone got hit and throw in a holy shock and flash of light when needed. The big cooldown when needed on the fight.

   7) Provide a relevant raid combatlog of your character in World of Logs or WarcraftLogs.
I don’t have any for current raiding tier since my guild I was in stopped raiding after heroic BRF clearing

   8) What are your goals in WoW?
Seeing the bosses in current content, I’m not looking for realm first I just do things on my own pace. When I’m not raiding I’m mostly farming transmog, reputation hunting or working on one of my alts.

   9) Where do you find your fun in the game, do you have a "hobby" ingame?
Besides raiding I love hunting for achievements smile. In legion in looking forward on the mythic dungeon system

10) What are your raiding experiences, also from previous expansions?
Im WOD I cleared Highmaul and BRF on heroic, In previous expansions I almost cleared all the content on normal mode.

  11) Do you have any notable alts?
Enough smile but I mostly use them for professions. Just don’t have that much spare time to play them on the level I play my paladin.

12) What do you expect of your new guild?
Mostly to have a good time and also to meet new people

13) What do you think your attendance will be if we offer you a raiding spot in Phalanx? Do you
        have any personal obligations which would interfere with our raid times?
The raiding times suit me just fine and I always try to attend as much raids as I can. There can always happen something IRL that need my attention but hope that that don’t happen often

  14) What do you know about Phalanx, and why do you want to join exactly our guild? 
Frankly not much besides what I read on your forum. After reading the description of your guild I was still interested and decided in dropping this application. You seems a fun group that only raid for the fun and not focus on getting epics. Also you like to do different activities besides raiding

  15) What kind of computer and connection do you have?
PC is not about 2 years old I think, nothing fancy but he is going his job. Connection is just fine, never had problems with it.

  16) Is there someone in our guild who could support your application?
Don't know anyone in your guild just yet.

17) Tell us a joke!
I just got a photo from a speeding camera through the mail. I sent it right back – way too expensive and really bad quality.


Re: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

Hi Koce!

Thanks for your application!

I'm just wondering about your raiding experience during Mists and Warlords. According to the armory you haven't done much besides LFR (and a couple normal runs for some raids).
I assume you have had a break from raiding, (I see you've done heroic Firelands and Dragon Soul in Cata, awesome, I loved those),
what made you quit and what brings you back now?


Re: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

When I started playing on Kilrogg I started a new character. All my previous raiding I did on this one … oce/simple
Sorry for the inconvenience


Re: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

In addition to your question for the reason I quit. I raid to have fun with friends. For a while I notices the guild I was in moved to a more hardcore guild and friends leaving and moving on in life because they a more casual approach. Also I have some changes irl and that had to make me step back because I couldnt attend 4 raids a week and the raiding feels too much like a 2nd job.
Then I decided to enjoy the game from the lfr perspective, but still that is lfr. My heart is with raiding.
Now with legion on the corner I think its a good time to put the cards on the table and decided what I want in the game and decided to go back in raiding again.


Re: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

Thanks for answering my questions. I'll try to get you an answer soon with Legion so close around the corner!


Re: Koce - Holy Paladin - (Accepted)

Hey Koce,

We'd like to offer you a trial. Just get in touch with someone in the guild when you are ready for an invite and ask them for me (Jeyne).
If you have any questions beforehand don't hesitate to ask!