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Topic: Important to read this before applying


All applicants should be aware that we are a heroic raiding guild.

A little bit more info about us can be found in our Guild charter.

How to, (or not) to do it.

OK, you are reading this thread. Believe me, this is an excellent start to making an application to our guild. We take our applications very seriously. We are a small roster guild and like it that way, which means we try to recruit players who we think will fit long term.

So first up bear mind that effort put into an application is noticed, and so by elimination a lack of effort is noticed also.

Step One
First up we have a template, you can find it here:

Click here for Template

We have this template for a reason. It allows us to read your application easily and quickly, it also makes your information easy for us to understand. If for whatever reason you decide not to use our template be aware that immediately this makes it far less likely that we will accept your application.

How much should you write?

A good application is not necessarily a wall of text. If you make an effort to not miss out things which are important (your former guilds/experience and perhaps a glimpse at what sort of person you are) then this is all that matters. If we feel there are a lot of holes in your application, we will have to ask which will only delay the application process.

An app can be quite long:

Really long.....

or quite short:

As long as it is good, we will give it a fair hearing and you have a chance of being accepted. We do communicate in English in our guild, however a university degree in English is not a requirement. Equally if we can't understand your application we can't accept it either.

What you should NOT do:

Don't come and tell us how to run our guild. If after some questions you decide that perhaps we aren't the guild for you, a polite message to say so is fine and we will respect that. Equally, if you feel you are unsure of something during the application or after we ask some questions, again a polite message with your query is very welcome (it also allows us to see something a bit about you). We will always respect someone who is polite and a bit open minded, even if we disagree.

Gear is not an essential requirement but it does help!

If you are fresh out of leveling and apply to us, please don't expect us to say 'what a lovely person, we must have them'. The chances of this happening are extremely remote. We are a progression guild, so if we can not use you in some capacity in our progression raids then chances are we will reject you on that basis unless we are desperate for the class and your app is really good.

Equally we don't expect you to match the gear of our best geared players. As a basic guideline, if you aren't fully geared from content previous to the patch just released you probably aren't geared enough.

In other words, if we are raiding T16 you should have full T15 equivalent, as a basic guideline.


We do have an 18 year old requirement on the guild. We are not suggesting that people past this age are magically more mature, nor are we suggesting that people under this age are all neurotic twerps.

However, we are an adult guild and want to remain that way. This is both in terms of humour and experience.

Equally we want to be able to have expectations in terms of attendance and availability, and with all bluntness people who still live at home can not promise this to us whatever they say. The cut off is there purely to serve as a way of us avoiding most of these issues, as an adult would normally have more control over how independent they are.

If you are 17 and make a great application we will not automatically reject you, however please be aware before you apply that your age will be a factor.

How long will you have to wait for a reply?

As a general rule we would like to turn around your application within 1 reset. If we need a new player we obviously want them to be able to raid with us as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Equally, do not apply on a Monday and expect a reply before the Wednesday.

If we feel your application is a no we won't waste your time keeping your application open it will be declined quickly. If we feel we want to think on it a bit more we will normally leave a quick message in your thread to let you know so you don't feel forgotten.

If we inexcusably seem to have forgotten you (please wait at least 3 days of no writing in your thread before assuming this) then a polite message prodding us saying 'please don't forget me' or something similar is perfectly acceptable.

Good advice for applying to any guild (especially ours):

1. Armory the guild first before you write your apply. Check you are on a par and able to join the guild on the right level.
2. Be honest in your application, we will catch out lies or things you have missed out and it will count against you.
3. Be polite and calm, if you feel you are being treated unfairly then feel free to log in to our server and chat with an officer. Starting a flame war in your thread can never work!
4. Best of luck with your application!