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Topic: Guild Charter

Mission Statement
Phalanx is a World of Warcraft guild on Auchindoun-EU. We're a raiding PvE guild focused on heroic progression. Keywords in our guild philosophy are:

   * We're all working together to achieve fast progression
   * We're favoring quality over quantity when it comes to raid times
   * Our primary drive is not the hunt for purple pixels, we raid because we genuinely enjoy spending time with each other

Our goal in every content cycle is always beating the endgame (and we usually achieve this). We see our guild mates as friends and family and also build our roster around personalities.

We generally run raids on two days of the week. These raids are Monday and Tuesday evening, start at 20:00 and end at 23:00. We sometimes extend these times for progression, though it's the exception and not the rule. Since we are focusing on quality raids over quantity it is expected that raiders come fully prepared and focused.
We usually have a break during European holiday periods like, Christmas and Easter. We also adjust things during the summer where needed.

We are a closed community with chosen members. However we will invite friends and family as long as they follow one or two very simple guidelines. We are dedicated players that expect a high level of skill from new members.

We aim for a balanced mix of classes totalling to 14-16 raiders. Raiders are expected to have a good attendance.

To be considered for recruitment, an application form has to be filled out and posted on the forum. The application will be reviewed by the whole guild. After being considered for a full time raider spot, there is a trial period of around 4 weeks. During that time all guild members will have the chance to voice their opinion on the new Trial on the forum. If nobody objects, a full time raider spot with all privileges and responsibilities is given.

We choose our new recruits based on personality, maturity, past raiding experiences, the knowledge of their class, their drive for progress, their English skills, computer hardware and connection. They should not be afraid to talk on Mumble and need to be fun to have around.

Loot Distribution
Since loot is not our primary focus, we simply roll for loot. (We might use personal loot in Legion)
We keep in mind some sort of priority system, and what you could call an "all-guild loot council". In our experience everything sorts itself out beautifully with rolling as the loot distribution standard and occasionally people passing for others they think can use the item more.
Raiding with a small group makes it easy to distribute loot, and logic together with friendly discussion has never caused us any "loot-whine".

Main Characters
The balance of the guild is based upon people playing and progressing their main characters. Therefore it is expected that our players focus on developing a main character. You generally bring this character on all official raids.  Hybrids are encouraged to play and excel in more than their main spec.   

We encourage alts who play a different raid role than main characters. Though main characters are given priority in all aspects, having a geared alt available for a role we might lack (e.g: healer) is always a good thing.

We use Mumble during our raids and as a social communication tool. For raids it is required that you have a working Mumble client installed. It is highly recommended that you have a working microphone as well.

Next to our forums, we use Slack as our text based communication tool of choice.
It's a great way to stay in touch with the guild when not logged into the game.

Hardware and Connection
Every member must generally be able to perform under raid conditions. Your connection must be reliable enough to not disconnect constantly, that you are not lagging badly or have to reconnect frequently. Your hardware must be on top of displaying a large number of characters and/or mobs. You must be able to do your job reliably under these conditions.

Skill, Team play and Appearance
Members are expected to be skilled team players. They also know their role in a group or raid and how to adapt to new situations. The guild and the raid is put above ego and pride. We're using tools to evaluate our raid performance and constantly try to improve. Every member shall strive to do the same.

Team play doesn't only mean good coordination in game. Members must also be willing to drive the progress of the guild outside of WoW.  Expected is to take part in the systems and policies of the guild and do your best to make them work. This may for example include sharing your experiences, tips and tricks, tactics and so on on our guild forum. Or that you help with the administration of the guild. It's especially important that AFK times are announced on our forum.

We make fun of each other. We are joking and goofing around. Be prepared to handle it. Nevertheless you shall respect each other and know when to listen and shut up.