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Topic: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)

Character Name: Lored
Class: Rogue
Armory Link: … red/simple
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 23

   1) Tell us about yourself

My name is Andy, I live just outside London, England.  I'm a recent University graduate, soon moving on to postgraduate study.  I love gaming.  In the past I've been an enthusiastic - and competitive - player of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory and Counter Strike Source, and I've since moved on to the (more nerdy) realms of Dota and WoW.  I endeavour to live up to the reputation that us Brits tend to have for possessing a quirky and outrageous sense of humour!

   2) Tell us about your previous guild(s). Why are you looking for a new home?

My first serious guild was Casual Jerks on the Al'Akir server, which I joined back in January 2009.  It was a great guild to be in, led by a former member of Method, and it provided heroic raiding at a more casual rate of 2 nights per week.  It was also nominally the semi-official European arm of Elitist Jerks.  A group of the more serious raiders, including me, eventually split off and formed a new guild called Serious Jerks, and managed to push our way into the top 10 guilds on the server.  After a few months we migrated to Auchindoun, but the guild soon crumbled when the GM had health difficulties.  I decided to take a break from WoW for a couple of years, mainly brought on by my involvement in University. When I came back towards the tail-end of Cataclysm in April last year, I found a new semi-hardcore guild where I raided 3 nights a week off and on for 6 months, raid leading from time to time, and working my way up to officer-rank.  Towards the end I started to feel a bit burnt out, and ended up leaving the guild as the result of a falling out with the GM over the direction the guild was taking - I usually like to speak my mind (in the politest way possible, of course!).  I'd rather not name that last guild as I believe they're still active, and I don't want to cause any dramas!

   3) How long have you been playing WoW?

At the beginning of this December it'll be seven years - I started in December 2006.

   4) How long have you been playing the character you applied with?

I've got a /played of around 25 days on him.  I first rolled him back in 2008 mainly as a PvP character, and mainly played him for hardmode raiding in Ulduar and ToTC.  I've come back to him now as I look back on that time as the most fun I've had raiding with a class.

   5) How long do you intend to keep on playing (this character)? Do you want to keep playing this spec? If not, what do you want to play? Are you proficient in a second spec?

I intend to keep my rogue as my main for the rest of Mists, and into the forseeable future in Draenor.  I don't mind which spec I play - my favourite is probably Assassination in a PvE setting, but I've had experience raiding with all specs and would consider myself proficient in any of the three.  Indeed, I usually end up playing whichever spec is most effective for my toon, as-is, in the raiding environment.  At the moment I'm Combat as the weapons I have right now work best with it. 

   6) Tell us about your typical "spell rotation".

Combat: Keep up Slice and Dice, Revealing Strikes and Rupture whilst spamming Sinister Strike and spending excess combo points on Eviscerate.  Effective cooldowns of Killing Spree, Adrenaline Rush and Shadow Blades.  I've learnt the subtleties of the rogue rotations through my raiding with the class in the past, through which I can squeeze out those important few extra percent of damage output!

   7) What are your goals in WoW?

Primarily to have fun raiding in a relatively casual setting with a decent, skilled and good-humoured bunch of people, and hopefully to kill the last boss of the expansion as I've come back to the game to do the last few times!

On a serious note, I am acutely aware of the fact that my gear is sub-par at the moment.  However, I hit level 90 on this character just three days ago so I believe I'm making good progress thus far, and will work hard so I can continue to do so.  Thus, my short term goal is to gear up more, and sort out my professions (dropping Mining for Leatherworking), although I can sort the professions at very short notice.  (The main reason for me having mining on a rogue is because I was farming on this character during cataclysm for a bit of extra cash - have a good laugh at me!)

   8) Where do you find your fun in the game, do you have a "hobby" ingame?

PvE is definitely my true calling; I've tried PvP in the past but never lasted very long doing it seriously.  There's nothing more satisfying than killing that raid boss you've been struggling on for the last few weeks! My hobby within the game beyond raiding would have to be leveling alts.  I suppose you could call me an altoholic - though I've tired of this recently having got 10 out of the 11 classes to 85 or above!

   9) Please upload a screenshot of your combat UI.

  10) What are your raiding experiences, also from previous expansions?

I've not raided in Mists.  I raided some Firelands and, primarily, Dragon Soul semi-hardcore in Cataclysm.  My halcyon days of raiding were certainly in WotLK.  I started when Naxx was on the way out (my very first raid in my new guild I got the Undying title), and then successfully raided hardcore (4-5 nights per week) throughout the entirety of Ulduar and TotC, although I wouldn't like to go back to raiding that often.  The highlight was getting into the top ten first guilds on the server for killing Algalon 10 man, and remaining in the top twenty guilds on the server (mixing it with the Great Danes and the like), for the entirety of the progression through hardmode Ulduar.  I have negligible raid experience from the Burning Crusade - around a month in Karazhan.  As you might tell from the relatively short /played on this character, I've raided with many other classes throughout my career, most notably Warlock and Feral Druid as well as Rogue.  I've played Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warrior, Mage, Death Knight and Paladin in raids too, but mainly in passing, or as alts.  All in all, I haven't raided seriously for at least a year, but would like to get back into it.  I consider myself a very capable raider who's been right to the top, but I like to keep an open mind, notice if I'm doing anything wrong and keep improving!  I take pride in raiding efficiently and effectively. 

  11) Do you have any notable alts?

In terms of current gear, or Mists raiding achievements, no.  However I was one of the first Monks to level 90 on the server on my alt Tsingtao.

  12) What do you expect of your new guild?

I would expect a fun yet relatively effective raiding experience and a friendly environment/community, but not much more!

  13) What do you think your attendance will be if we offer you a raiding spot in Phalanx? Do you have any personal obligations which would interfere with our raid times?

Your quoted raid times of 19:30-23:00 on Monday and Tuesday from your forum post work just fine for me at the moment, I'd be able to make both days every week.

  14) What do you know about Phalanx, and why do you want to join exactly our guild?

I've read through your post on the official realm forum and was attracted by the mention of a friendly and casual atmosphere combined with raid progress.  Two nights per week of raiding seems perfect for me at the moment.  I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your mission statement.  In particular, the importance of having a laugh leapt out at me, but it's good the focus on team-play and skill doesn't appear to be neglected.  In conclusion, it's difficult to find all these things in one guild and that's why I'm interested in joining.

  15) What kind of computer and connection do you have?

My computer is about 18 months old, a mid-range gaming rig from a specialist computer manufacturer here in the UK called Overclockers.  It's got a 3.10 GHz processor and 4GB of RAM, and it easily runs WoW at 60 fps on ultra settings in 25 man raids.  I've got a 100 MB/sec broadband connection so lag is a rarity.

  16) Is there someone in our guild who could support your application?

Not that I know of!

  17) Tell us a joke!

My grandma started walking 6 miles a day when she was 60.  She's 93 now... and we have no idea where she is.

Hope you enjoyed reading my application as much as I enjoyed writing it - if you have any questions, or if I've missed anything out by mistake, please don't hesitate to ask!  I also realise that my gear may be an issue at the moment, and if you guys believe that to be too much of a problem, I'll certainly understand.

I look forward to hearing your response!

Andy (Lored)

EDIT: I should probably clarify, I am aware I cannot raid at the moment considering my gear. If my application impresses you enough, however, perhaps you would be able to offer me a spot in some kind of social capacity as I gear up to a suitable ilvl.

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Re: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)

Hi Andy,

thank you for your application and your interest in joining Phalanx. We like your application. We are running a bit melee heavy at the moment, but as you said, you would need some time to gear up. Bonus points for posting a screenshot that actually shows you in combat wink

One of our officers is currently in the process of starting a new job in a new country but we will solicit his feedback and get back to you within the next couple of days.



Re: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)

Hi Aryi, thanks for the reply. I'll look forward to hearing back from you.


Re: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)



Re: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)

Hello again,

so, as mentioned above we really like your application and have decided to throw a guild invite your way. Just to be sure again, this is with the understanding that you'll join in a mostly social capacity for now with the goal of being a full raider by release of WoD. And of course once your gear has gotten good enough to raid the current tier the possibility of a backup spot in our regular progression raids (or more as the need may arise). As mentioned we are running quite melee heavy at the moment which makes it hard to fit another melee into the regular roster right now. But who knows how the situation will be when you have raid ready gear...

If all of that sounds good to you anyways then whisper Angyarr, Jeyne (or his alts: Danáth, Sybell) or Aryi for an invite. (We are usually at work during the day, so best chance is evenings or weekends)



Re: Lored - Rogue (ACCEPTED)

Great, thanks a lot! That sounds good to me. I'm a bit busy this weekend but next time I'm online I'll give you a shout for an invite.